You only need to focus on 4 things. Rest is clutter.

4 years into learning how to make fitness a priority in my busy software engineering life has led me down several paths … some leading to open meadows and others directly into rabbit holes. Today as I was working out, I caught myself reminiscing about the humble beginnings of my fitness journey and all that I knew about fitness back then.

I did not know very much about fitness, in fact, I only had confidence in these 2 thoughts — working out is important for health & nutrition is…

Build a brand new relationship with food

3 years ago, when I started my journey to fat loss, I had one burning question. “Ok, so I want to lose fat, but does that mean I have to just eat fruits and vegetables all the time? What if I crave chocolate? Can I have a just small piece of it? Is that bad?”

It’s common to feel like everyone has to do just one thing on a weekday. Wake up, shower, eat breakfast, and head out (or in) to work. Spend 90% of your energy working your job and return home feeling exhausted like you climbed a mountain.

I get it and I lived that life for a long time (2+ years) until I saw it take a tremendous toll on my body. The tire of fat around my mid-section kept growing and eating into my daily enthusiasm as a 25 year-old. …

But isn’t a great workout measured by the number of calories burnt on my apple watch or the amount I sweat ? Not in my books.

I started from scratch — with no baseline on what it feels like to workout everyday and build up the momentum of a fitness routine. But 3.5 years later — I have been through it all and here is how I distinguish a great workout from a good workout

#1. You have a big smile plastered on your face

You are almost on the verge of laughter and no one said a joke. Your whole being dances with positive energy and everything around you…

Your problem is special to you

And it consumes your mind as you go about your day keeping busy and staying in your lane. I don’t believe anyone else can understand the depth of feelings running through you as you try to tackle this problem — hence the solution has to be crafted by you and you alone in your behemoth of a mind.

A day turns to a “difficult” one not because of just one event or circumstance.. it can be -

  • a series of unexpected events leading up to today that you did not find time to resolve…

Short answer: lack of immediate visible progress.

Long answer: Below..

Did you know that 80% of the people give up their fitness journey within the first 4 weeks … not because they see zero results They may see some results ( 1–2 kgs down) but those are not what they expected!

Here is a small example from my own journey. Comparing 3 months of work vs 1 year of work. In which do you see the most visible change?

Results compound over time. And so does determination, effort, and optimism. It’s nearly…

How do you visualize a “beginner”?

A. Wide-eyed, curious & ready to jump in

B. timid, fearful & cautious?

Your answer will closely match your own behavior as someone learning or starting something new.

I was (A) and fear-less because I had already hit rock-bottom.

Where do you go when you have already stopped expecting things to get worse? The slowest in any race, the weakest link in any group, the most disease-prone amongst close friends .. My mind was like “let's try working out, at least you won’t need to invest in a bigger pair of jeans”. The absence…

When life gets tough — what part of your fitness, productivity & lifestyle do you give up first ?

Is it your nutrition? Workouts? Sleep ? Netflix time ? Or everything 😩. I’ve realized that I protect My Netflix 📺 time over everything. But on a real note, nutrition is the hardest to keep under check especially on a bad day.

⚡️ Food is and will always be comforting. You can be as determined as you want to, but when 💩 hits the fan — you will crave something delicious that invokes nostalgia of a happier past time to comfort you. Don’t…

Tanvi Milan Parikh

Hi! I am a fitness enthusiast-turned-trainer with a massive drive for a sustainable fit lifestyle. I also create technical products @ Microsoft (Seattle, WA).

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